I would like to first acknowledge those responsible for the education that enabled me to author this volume. mM father (of blessed memory) and Mother (may God lengthen her years) made certain that from kindergarten through the end of high school, I was always educated in a Jewish parochial school that offered a double academic workload. There was a full state approved general studies curriculum plus an equally challenging counterpart of Hebrew and traditional Jewish studies. After graduating high school, I studied the Talmud for 15 years, primarily under the tutelage of Rabbi Henach Liebowitz, of blessed memory, to whom this book is dedicated. I would also like to mention my profound debt of gratitude to Rabbi Samuel Niman. He was my first teacher of Talmud during that 15 year period, and his continued influence did much to inspire my study of Talmud over those subsequent years. Since that time and until this very day, he remains a most beloved and supportive teacher and guide.

A second set of acknowledgments is due those who assisted with the volume itself. To begin with, it was the columnist and former Harvard Law School student Mr. Ben Shapiro who put the idea in my head of writing this type of book. once started, the work on the book was greatly augmented by the assistance of several individuals. my own children Yocheved and David made astute recommendations on the formulation of some of the book’s ideas. Special heartfelt thanks are due mrs. Barbara Bermanski and Mrs. Judy Dick, both of new York, who read the text and contributed extremely perceptive advice and corrections. Drs. Nichole Argo, David Broniatowsky and Chris Lawson, all former students at MIT, invested significant time into the project. They corrected major portions of the manuscript and literally tutored me on some aspects of the subjects touched upon.

Ms. Charmaine Young, a highly skilled professional editor, did a masterful job of correcting the text and offering suggestions on how certain ideas should best be presented. credit for guiding the renaming of the book goes to mrs. Sherry Horowitz and my son Jacob. I also owe a debt of gratitude to Michael Levin and Sara Stratton of “Business Ghost” in Irvine, CA for their caring and expert help with publishing the book once it was completed. Credit for the book’s interior and cover design goes to Dotti Abertine of “Albertine Book Design.” Ms. Albertine also made many valuable editing suggestions. I would also like to make mention of Eitan Galam and his wife Joy of Tel Aviv Israel. Eitan and I studied Talmud together when he was a graduate student of math at Harvard. Since then, the Galams have been most supportive of my writing.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the input of my wife Rebecca. An accomplished scholar of Talmudic ethics and a former English major at college, she left her intellectual and literary imprint on many of the book’s concepts. She also gracefully tolerated frequent stretches of time during which I was totally absorbed in writing the book. Without her supportive attitude and outright help, there would have been no book at all.